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Recent Media

2020 Project Trends


 The State of Project Management 2020 Report will be published in January, but the data is in so let’s take a quick look at some of the headlines.  READ MORE

PMO Research Perspective


 n early November, a new research Ipaper was published; The Future of Project Management: Global Outlook 2019. Read more

Extending CSR


 Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a self-regulating business model that helps a company be socially accountable—to itself, and the public. Read more

PMO as a Coach


Discover the six traits of high performing teams: Mutual Trust, Interdependence, Structure and Clarity, Meaning, Impact, and Psychological Security. Read more

Recent Media

The PMO Community


A perspective on this global community and how we can support each other for a successful future. Read more 

Axelos Career Interview


This year, Axelos are following up on some students to see how the certification path has helped their career. Here's mine. Read more

PMO Impact Summit


A teaser before my session at the upcoming PMO Summit with Laura Barnard. A sneaky peak at learning systems and the PMO Hierarchy of Needs. Listen Now

Optimising PMO Feedback


 It is widely accepted that feedback works most effectively when it happens in quick response to the target behaviour. Read more

PMO Hierarchy of Needs


 followed on from the introduction of the Wellingtone PMO Principles; with a view on the needs of PMO when considered against the well-known concept of a hierarchy of needs. Read more

PMO Principles


 Once upon a time someone told me that a good PMO is the conscience of the organisation; making sure that change that impacts the people is treated fairly and in the right spirit. Read more

Recent Media

Dr PMO MD (Mending Dilemmas)


A regular video blog exploring questions submitted by PMO Practitioners; advice and tips on how to deal with  dilemmas affecting real PMOs Read more

Smart, Pure and Clear – The New Objectives?


 Our VUCA world is demanding more and more from our projects and programmes. The adage of developing SMART objectives no longer works for some PMOs with their eye on the wider picture. Read more

PMO Case Study - Dyson Technologies


This case study showcases the real value that focusing on the capability of our PMO People can have in organisations. A global implementation focused on people first, then technology and process. Read more

Think Differently About Your PMO Sales Pitch


 After listening to one of the podcasts from PMI hosted by Oren Klaff, Author of Pitch Anything and an investment banker,  I could start to see a pattern that could be applied to PMO.  Read more

Generation Z: The PMO Trekkies



Following on from my recent article covering the experience of working with a one-generation PMO; the youngest generation, PMO has been at the forefront of my mind and research. Read more

Generation SWOT: The GenZ Conundrum


 Are our Young PMOs Threatening or Strengthening our Organisations?  Recently I trained a PMO team made up solely of Generation Z allowed an insight into how our teams could be different in the future. Read more